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Chill Out with These 4 Cold Drink Options for Your Lake Charles & DeRidder Break Room

Unique cold drink options help employees keep cool all summer long. They’ll stay hydrated and beat the heat. Plus, employees can sample exciting new beverage trends.

Wondering what cold drinks to add to your Lake Charles and DeRidder break room? Here are four out-of-the-ordinary options to try.

1. Cold Brew Taps

Jazz up your Lake Charles and DeRidder office coffee service with cold brew drinks on tap. Employees can say goodbye to watered-down iced coffee and hello to their new favorite drink. Cold brew is less acidic. Thus, non-coffee drinkers may love the delicious taste. It’s an instant Monday morning pick-me-up.

Bardin Vending Service makes adding cold brew to your break room easy. We’ll bring in kegs, so it’s always available on tap. Add nitro for a slow-seeped, smooth taste.

2. Freshly Made Iced Tea

Iced tea is one of the most popular summertime drinks. It’s the perfect way to sip in the season. Brew freshly made iced tea right in the office. How? Bardin Vending Service can install commercial-grade brewers. These are perfect for high-volume brewing and drinking. There will always be more than enough iced tea to go around!

Don’t forget to grab sweeteners! Employees can customize the sweetness of their drinks.

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3. Fun, Flavorful Filtered Water

Cold, crisp water is excellent on its own. Want to crank office hydration up a notch? Get a Lake Charles and DeRidder water filtration system with a twist. Bardin Vending Service can get units that allow employees to personalize their water. Add different flavors or even carbonation. This makes water fun and flavorful!

Our units can fit into offices of all sizes. We have countertop and floor-standing models. You can also have your machine plumbed into your existing water lines. Get delicious cold or hot water on tap all day long.

4. Add More Cold Drink Options to Your Micro Market

Lake Charles and DeRidder micro markets hold tons of delicious, refreshing options. Bardin Vending Service can stock yours with trendy teas, energy drinks, juices, kombucha, and more. Thus, employees can buy their favorite flavors 24/7. Our self-service kiosks make it quick and convenient to shop. Pay with cash, cards, or mobile wallets.

Want to promote workplace wellness? Consider subsidizing your micro market. Offer discounts on Lake Charles and DeRidder beverages. Employees can stay hydrated without breaking the bank. You can also offer bottled beverages in your Lake Charles and DeRidder office pantry. Everyone loves free drinks!

Wow Employees All Summer Long with Trendy Cold Drink Options

Bardin Vending Service can help your staff chill out this summer with delicious drinks. Offer cold brews or make fresh iced tea. Or, stock your micro market and Lake Charles and DeRidder vending machines with on-trend beverages.

Contact us today at 337.462.2636 for more information. We’re excited to hear from you!