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Servicing Southwest Louisiana to Southeast Texas with and Excellent Vending Machine Experience.

Bardin Vendin Service will take your break room and vending areas from bleak to chic. We work hand in hand with our customers to make sure they are provided with the most professional vending machine services in Lake Charles and nearby areas. Bardin Vending Service provides high-tech equipment, equipped with wireless monitoring, infrared sensor product delivery, and cashless payment options.

Wireless Monitoring: Never run our of product or experience significant downtime again! In case of equipment failure or low stock on a products, our Wireless Monitoring Vending Machines will let us know when service is needed.  

On top of those perks, we give you access to the best products ranging from healthy snack foods to micro-markets to set up friendly environments in your workplace for your deserving employees. From office coffee to soda machines to healthy, fresh food vending, Bardin Vending Service does it all and more. Whatever your needs, Bardin Vending Service will do what it takes to create the break room you’ve always wanted for your office. These are only some of the wonderful things you get when using Bardin Vending Service! The possibilities are endless when you use our company.

Bardin Vending Services in Lake Charles LA

Why Choose Bardin Vending Services?

 We have access to the most efficient equipment accompanied by the most professional service in this area, no doubt

Yummy Snacks

From classic favorites to new and exciting snack trends, our snack vending machines have something for everyone.

The Freshest Food

Fresh food vending machines mean that your employees always have healthy meal options on site.

Thirst Quenching Beverages

Our beverage vending machines let you choose from sodas, fresh juices, sparkling water, energy drinks, and more.

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