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Do something different for your break room —make it a destination for refreshment, healthy snacks, good conversation, and more.

Southern Louisiana & Eastern Texas micro-market services to rejuvenate your workplace.

What Is A Micro-Market?

Micro-markets are your own personal, on-site grocery store, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You choose what products go on your shelves, putting your employees’ favorite drinks, snacks, and freshly prepared meals right at their fingertips. A micro-market is a great way to refresh your break room and to encourage employees to eat healthier, all while providing the added convenience and luxury of a workplace grocery store.

Cashless Vending

Weigh the benefits of Cashless Vending with Bardin Vending Service!  Cashless vending machines offer Convenience, Security and Inventory Control. Convenience: Who carries cash anymore! While some people do, most do not. Those who cater to the digital age will see increased profits, by giving customers an alternative. Higher Transactions - people will inevitable by more or higher priced items using a card versus cash. Security: Cashless vending is secure by creating device account id for customers, which makes it more difficult for information to be stolen. Inventory Control: Cashless vending can also work with vending management systems to provide accurate inventory counts. No more manually entering data into spreadsheets, let technology do it for you. Get a birds eye glimpse of what's hot and what's not! 

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