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Vending Service for Southwest Louisiana & Southeast Texas

When you use Bardin Vending Services, you always have access to the most updated products, best delivery times & the utmost caring service from our workers. If you’re interested in our services call one of our offices today.

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Vending Services

Take a look at our top-of-the-line vendors options!


Check out our Micro-Markets options and what we offer!

Healthy Living

We offer many healthy vending choices you’ll enjoy!

Coffee Options

Quality coffee selections? Sugar & Cream? We got it covered.

Bardin Vending Services In lake Charles LA

Serving The Communities & Businesses of Southwest Louisiana & South East Texas since 1979

Bardin Vending Service  has been in business since 1979, servicing the many local businesses of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas. Excellent customer service is what Bardin Vending Service strives to perfect for all of our customers. From our office staff to our drivers, we want you to think of Bardin Vending Service as your local refreshment provider. 

What kind of vending products and services do we provide? Everything from healthy snack foods, hot and cold beverages, to state-of-the-art micro markets. The goal is to create a friendly, enjoyable break room environment for your deserving employees and customers.

Achieve Quality Results for Your Business

For Honest and Dependable Vending Services in Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake, Beaumont TX, Orange TX,  & surrounding areas, choose Bardin Vending Service

360 Degree Service

Who needs multiple vendors when Bardin Vending Service is your one stop shop! We’ve got it all: office coffee, drinks, healthy foods, office supplies, and so much more.

We Use The Most Efficient Technology

Double your investment with cashless payment, energy efficient machines and more. Discover how our machines are the best your money can buy—and for great prices too.

We've Got The Healthy Choices

Healthy Options are a must today and tomorrow! With a vast array of heart healthy products, you’ll be prepared for all of your customers.

We're Here For The Long Run

Our dedicated, loving & energetic employees who know their routines like the back of their hand, ensuring a quick delivery turn around for your company.

A Home Grown Business

As a locally formed company, we understand and value your unique needs, giving your business the attention and care it deserves and thrives on. We appreciate our customers and do what we do for YOU!

Quick & Responsive Service

We understand that you don’t choose when your vending machines need restocking, or when they decide to malfunction. That’s why our workforce provides you with quick and responsive services, on call every day to answer your maintenance requests. If you’re looking for a vending supplier that is always there for you, then you’re looking for Bardin Vending Services.

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Cashless Vending

Weigh the benefits of Cashless Vending with Bardin Vending Service!  Cashless vending machines offer Convenience, Security and Inventory Control. Convenience: Who carries cash anymore! While some people do, most do not. Those who cater to the digital age will see increased profits, by giving customers an alternative. Higher Transactions - people will inevitable by more or higher priced items using a card versus cash. Security: Cashless vending is secure by creating device account id for customers, which makes it more difficult for information to be stolen. Inventory Control: Cashless vending can also work with vending management systems to provide accurate inventory counts. No more manually entering data into spreadsheets, let technology do it for you. Get a birds eye glimpse of what's hot and what's not! 

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